Living With Morning Sickness

Living With Morning Sickness

More than half of all women experience morning sickness during their pregnancy.

Making eating uncomfortable, morning sickness affects everyday activities making them hard to cope with. Regardless of the fact that most symptoms are fairly typical, this condition will affect all women differently. The following are some of the common symptoms of morning sickness and the best way to deal with them.

The symptoms of morning sickness that most women deal with are nausea and vomiting, making it hard to eat most days. Then at the same time as all of this your body will also start craving certain foods.

Since your body chemistry is changing, this is simply a part of pregnancy. Peppermint and ginger are often found to combat nausea. Listening to your bodies cravings and eating and drinking what you crave will become important. In regards to your eating habits, you will need to relearn them for this time. Making certain adjustments may not remove all of the symptoms of morning sickness, but it may make them more bearable. There is a rare chance that you could need medical attention for your morningsickness symptoms. If you are experiencing the most severe symptoms you need to seek medical help as soon as possible especially if you notice increased heart rates, severe vomiting and weight loss as well as dehydration. Technically, this is called hyperemesis gravidarum rather than morning sickness. This is not a condition that happens often, in fact, it happens in less than one percent of the population so don’t worry about it if you are having more typical symptoms. Just to be on the safe side, if you are concerned that this might be your issue don’t wait, call your doctor.

It is safe to assume that morning sickness will present itself with either stomach problems or vomiting, even though it is different for all women. Women also experience constipation or the frequent need to urinate during this time as well. This is actually a logical outcome of the changes your body is experience through hormones as well as diet due to morning sickness. The only thing to keep in mind is to consult your doctor before taking medications for such problems, as even some over the counter drugs can cause problems during pregnancy. Once you reach the second trimester or fourth month these symptoms should subside. Walking around not feeling so hot ca make the second trimester look miles away. In many cases, you can find relief by changing your diet, getting enough rest and trying some natural remedies. You may not realize it but these symptoms are felt by most women and of course they are not fun.

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