Hypertension Patients Should Pay Attention To Daily Diets

Hypertension Patients Should Pay Attention To Daily Diets

Modern medical research has found out that, during the spring, people are vulnerable to many diseases, such as the fluctuation of blood pressure, headache, dizziness, insomnia and other symptoms. As a result, in addition to taking moderate exercise and medicine, people with hypertension should also pay great attention to daily diet.

First of all, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.
According to the report, eating more fresh fruits and vegetables can significantly decrease the risk of stroke. Citrus, fruit juice, carrot, celery, cucumber, cabbage and other green leafy vegetables all have a protective effect on cardiovascular, so they can always eat these foods.

Secondly, control the intake of salt.
Too much salt will aggravate the disease. Generally speaking, the patients with hypertension should control the daily intake of salt between 4 to 6 grams. But they should pay attention to increase the intake of potassium at the same time. This is because potassium can protect the cardiac cells. Foods such as amaranth, spinach, tomato, bitter gourd, yam all contain a large number of potassium.

Thirdly, control the intake of cholesterol and fatty acids.
Eat less greasy foods, especially animal fats, and limit the intake of all animal organs (such as heart, liver, kidney), fatty meat, butter, egg yolk and other foods which are rich in cholesterol and fatty acids. They can appropriately take in some plant oil such as peanut oil and corn oil. At the same time, in order to avoid increasing the burden on the kidney, do not take in too much protein.

Fourthly, keep away from smoking and alcohol.
The nicotine in cigarette may stimulate the heart, accelerate the heart rate, thus leading to high blood pressure. What’s more, nicotine can also promote the deposition of cholesterol on the vascular wall, which may increase the chance of coronary heart disease and stroke. Drinking a small amount of alcohol can increase the level of high-density lipoprotein in blood, so it can prevent atherosclerosis. While excessive drinking high-degree alcohol not only may accelerate the risk of atherosclerosis, but also has a resistant effect on the antihypertensive medicine.

Fifthly, choose a reasonable and healthy diet.
There are many kinds of foods which have the effect of bringing down the blood pressure, such as chrysanthemum, seaweed, celery, black fungus, and so on. These foods contain plenty of protein, cellulose, glucose, fructose, etc, so they can be taken as the medical food for hypertension and diabetics.

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