Morning Sickness Herbal Treatment

Morning Sickness in Pregnancy
Morning sickness normally begins within the first month of pregnancy and for most women lasts for the duration of the first trimester. However, a large portion of women are not so ‘lucky’ and and suffer it for the duration of gestation. A herbal treatment for morning sickness is often the only solution for many expectant moms.

Nausea, queasiness, headaches and swooning are all normal signs. Vomiting is not uncommon. For most women, mornings after waking are worst, but others experience it at all sorts of times of the day, if not all the time every day.

What To Do
Despite exhaustive research the reasons for morning sickness remain unknown. That is partly why cures using herbs are so much in demand. Crushed ice, travel sickness tablets, lemon juice and fizzy drinks can work to stop the nausea for some women but none of them works holistically on both the symptoms and the root hormonal problems like herbal cures do.

Undesirable Effects
Exhaustion, nutrient deficiency and dehydration are all harmful for the expectant mother and for fetal development. Morning sickness is not just something to grin and bear.

Morning Sickness Herbal Treatment
Follow a well researched instruction guide if you want to use a herbal treatment for morning sickness. Up to date herbal mixtures are excellent and are develop year on year. Herbal remedies have no side effects.

Peach bark, wild yam, echinacea, goldenseal, licorice root and ginger root are all staples. But there are another 20 or so herbs to be added to that list, all of which have excellent properties. Most are easy to buy nowadays.

Official Quote About Herbal Morning Sickness Treatment
Dr Hayley Potts in the International Health Monitor periodical, (Jan. 2009, pp. 12-17), wrote: Morning sickness has seen the largest growth in herbal treatment of any medical area over the last 5 years. More than one in three women now use herbs to a greater or lesser extent specifically to fight nausea during pregnancy. This trend looks set to continue well into the future as more women discover the benefits of herbs such as echinacea, licorice root and goldenseal.

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