Organised Christmas Shopping ,

My Problem at Christmas is I can never get any real Christmas
shopping done, until the last possible moment. I think that the retail side of Christmas will count on the last minute gift buying that goes on, as a good chunk of their sales. As for me, I blame my older brother, you see, my brother has managed to make last minute Christmas shopping into an art form. When I see him weaving his way through the shopping crowds I see poetry in motion. He Has no mid December panicking and early buying in November, he just basically has a strategy that works.
Here is his outlook on a very civilised chilled way to go about your Christmas shopping
First rule is get organized, make lists, no matter, how
general or short, just make a list of people to buy for and ideas even silly ones, you have to know who you are going to buying for, so first list is people , dont miss anybody out !! so think !! The big question, of course, is what to get. I usually start looking through a few catalogues for ideas Argos Catalogue is a great one for ideas. Or the Littlewoods catalogue if your after something for the ladies , Im not saying you have to buy from there , but you need ideas , five minutes at home thinking will save you so much time later on, think about the likes and dislikes of who you’re buying for. If that still draws a blank, then think of some of their friends and the things they have in common between them. Do they have a hobby? Do they read? Can you buy them clothing? Hats and gloves are always an old faithful but can be seen as dull , pyjamas or dressing gowns are another favourite.
So you have got your list , it should include names, gifts and possible shops. Set off knowing that most of the hard work has been done already! Think before you go have you got some cash! Not everywhere excepts credit cards, and you dont want to miss out on that special present , so have some readies available. Once you get to the store , don’t browse. Remember, you have little time and a lot to do . buy the item on the list and move onto the next one Your list should be
in your mind all the time, if you see something else from the list , grab it!

So now you are organised, work through the list and complete an enjoyable productive days shopping .one last thing , always go on your own spouses only slow you down ..enjoy!

I love to shop my two favourite stores this christmas are Argos Catalogue and Littlewoods

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