5 Tips For Planning a Birthday Party on a Small Budget

It seems like everyone is cutting costs these days and trying to stick to a budget. When your child’s birthday is involved though, it can be tempting to chuck the budget out the window in order to give them the party of their dreams. Planning a low cost birthday party that is not only possible though, chances are your child and their guests will probably not notice. Here are 5 tips for planning a birthday party on a small budget.

1) Make a Budget. Sounds easy enough to do but you have to sit down and know how much money you can comfortably spend on the party. If you really plan ahead, you may be able to tuck away some extra money each month leading up to the party in order to make the least impact on your overall budget. Once you decide on how much money you can spend than it is really important to stick to it.

2) Bake a Cake. Purchasing a cake from a bakery can cost around a $ 1 person or even more for a specialty cake. Making your own cake can cost pennies per serving from scratch and a few cents more by using a cake mix. Frost it and then decorate with a specialty tip to write Happy Birthday on the top. 

3) Time the party between lunch and dinner. Having to serve a meal at a birthday party can get quite expensive. Hosting the party during this time means you only have to serve cake, ice cream, and snacks. 

4) Use Plain Colored Plates. Most children love to have a theme for their birthday party. Let them choose the theme and purchase the invitations, centerpiece, and Mylar balloon that match it. Then find some plain colored plates, napkins, and cups that match a color from the themed items. You can save around 30 cents a plate by not going with the themed ones. 

5) Cut back on Party. It is traditional to send your party guests home with a party favor as a thank you gift. It can be quite easy to spend several dollars or more per child though. Use a simple brown paper lunch bag to put your party favors in. Fill them with stickers and candy purchased in bulk. Close with a ribbon that matches the theme if you wish to dress the bag up a bit. 

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