Creating A Nutritious Weekly Menu

When you have spent all day at work or chauffeuring your kids back and forth to school and activities, often the last thing you want to do is try to think of a meal to cook to satisfy your family. Many nights of the week, you may even decide to eat out or get fast food because you cannot muster the energy and creativity it takes to cook something remotely edible.

Most eating establishments, especially fast food places, fill their food options with sodium and saturated fats. The extended consumption of these types of things over a long period of time can cause childhood obesity and improve adults’ likelihood of experiencing high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease.

Unhealthy eating has been linked to a number of different health and physical problems. The best way to take care of your body is to fill it with nutrient rich, power packed foods.

There are quite a few that have the misconception that doing so involves eating unappetizing meals that leave them unsatisfied and lacking in a full belly. However, eating nutritiously does not mean that you have to cut out all of your favorite items.

It is about being creative and finding ways to mix your favorites with others that will give your body a healthy level of vitamins. Making this change will definitely affect your lifestyle, but in can be easy if you integrate it into your normal routine.

First off, you must find recipes that your family will enjoy. Try to take usual favorites and find ways to put a healthier spin on them.

Often, your loved ones will not even notice the difference. Try to find meals that complement one another and that use similar ingredients; that way, you will not have to spend a fortune when you visit the grocery store and you can make use of all of the perishable items before they go bad.

Choose recipes that are full of fruits and vegetables, and try to convert breads and pastas into whole wheat versions whenever it is possible. You can even choose to make your own starchy items.

Grinding your own wheat and making homemade bread is a great way to feed your family with nutritious food items. You know exactly what is going into them as far as fats and oils go, and you are in charge of how healthy they will be.

Homemade breads and pastas are also usually a more delicious option than their counterparts that are purchased ready-made at the grocery store. If you have a food storage supply or store your own whole wheat, you can grind the grains and use them in whatever item you wish to bake.

Integrating fresh fruits and vegetables into the meals that you create is the best way to up the nutrient levels quickly and give your children the strength and energy they need to learn and grow. Studies have shown that kids who are taught beneficial eating habits in their youth are more likely to stick to healthy diets as they grow and age.

Therefore, it really is in the parents’ hands to inform their youngsters of good habits and help them to enjoy eating healthy fruits and vegetables. Discover the ones that they enjoy the most, and find recipes that make use of them.

You can also introduce new things to them, or make trying new and nutritious options an experience or game. Try taking your children to the store or farmers’ market with you and letting them choose the fruits and vegetables that they want to try.

You may also offer a little reward to them for being adventurous and making the most out of their meals. Make sure to allow them treats here and there; things like fruit and dip or chocolate milk are healthy options that have a lot of vitamins and proteins packed into them but will still taste like dessert.

Finding different meals to cook for your family does not have to be difficult or a chore. If you do not necessarily prefer to cook, find easy options that do not require a great deal of preparation time or ask other members of your household to help you; it will be a fun family bonding experience!

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