The Banana Diet – Japan’s Newest Fad Diet Craze

The banana diet broke onto the scene in Japan with such force that many grocery stores the next day literally ran out and could no longer provide anyone with the fruit! It seems like many people are always coming up with ways to help stay trim and lose “those last few pounds.” The banana diet has since made its way out of Japan and into the West by showing what seems like an easy and healthy way to support weight loss.

The banana diet consists of eating bananas in the morning for breakfast with water (preferably room temperature) and nothing else. After that gets you jump started for the day, then you are allowed one sugary snack, while throughout the day and can literally eat whatever you want for lunch and dinner (although meals are supposed to be reasonable sized – no all you can eat buffets). You can only drink water through out the day, nothing else with those meals, and then you should never eat after 8 in the evening.

People who stand by this diet claim that bananas have enzymes in them that help us burn fat. Others say that the starch in bananas makes people feel full, causing dieters to eat less at lunch and create the calorie deficit needed to lose weight. Both of these claims might have a hint of truth to them, but also simply by having bananas the dieter is probably having less calories for breakfast than normal, and drinking water is a huge way for most people to cut a lot of calories out of their diet. These reasons are combined with the short list of things you are not allowed to have such as alcohol, dairy products, and dessert as a way to reduce substances the body will have a hard time breaking down, and things that tend to add a lot of calories to the average diet.

Regardless of the sometimes popular name of “banana miracle diet,” the banana diet is not a miracle or some magical silver bullet. This diet sets a pretty strict eating regimen that can be difficult to stick to, but does promote a healthy way to eat. There’s little doubt that you will see results with this fad diet, but it’s as much because of the water and sticking to the “don’t eat” list as it is the bananas themselves.

If you would like to know more about the banana diet please feel free to read this article for a step by step look at this eating plan, sometimes referred to as the banana miracle diet.

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