Add a Little Spice to Family Meal Time With Your BBQ

It’s often difficult to get the whole family in one place for dinner! The notion of the entire family sitting down and eating dinner together, discussing their day is becoming more and more alien as our lifestyles get more hectic. While in reality it wouldn’t take that much more effort for everyone to make sure they get home in time for a family dinner, there always seems to be something that’s stops most of us, especially younger family members.

I personally think that sitting down as a family at least once a week is really important. Getting everyone, whether you have two or ten people in your family, around a table with the television off is great for bonding the family together.

A really good way of giving everyone that little extra incentive to make sure they’re home for dinner is to cook dinner on your BBQ. While the weather is good, scheduling one night in the week as ‘BBQ night’ works great. It creates a little bit of a buzz, which means all of the family members that actually can get home will do their best to make it home!

Obviously you need a BBQ grill before you can put your master plan into play. You have a couple of options here if you don’t have a grill already. You can either buy a BBQ grill or you can make your own BBQ grill. While there’s not necessarily anything wrong with buying a grill, I’ve always found you need to spend quite a lot before you can get a good quality sturdy grill you’re happy with. So my personal preference is to make my BBQ grills. This is surprisingly easy and cheaper than you would believe, and best of all you end up with a bomb proof BBQ grill! An old 55 gallon drum is the usual starting point for the homemade BBQ grill.

So once you have your grill you have to think about how to get the most out of it! Cooking food on your BBQ grill adds fantastic flavour to the food and particularly beef! The homemade hamburger is probably the best BBQ food around, and with a good seasoning recipe will have the family rushing back in time for dinner!

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