Morning Banana Diet – Is it the New Grapefruit Diet?

Is Morning Banana Diet the New Grapefruit Diet? The answers are available in this article so make sure to read from top to bottom. In the end, you will understand why it is very important to know everything about the weight-in loss program that you will engage yourself with because it can save you a lot from unnecessary damages.

The Morning Banana Diet is one of the most popular fad weight loss plans. It first became popular when it caused an overwhelming shortage of this fruit in Japan where it originated. Unlike most weight-loss plans, this differs from them because a Japanese pharmacist and his wife created this plan. They are Hitoshi and Sumiko Watanabe who studied preventative medicine and came up with the concept of the Morning Banana Diet, as an effective way to lose weight. For the record, this is not the only plan that exists that makes it sound like losing weight is such an easy task. There are many other programs created that let people believe that there is a magic food or magic ingredient that will help melt away all those unwanted fats without the effort of eating healthy and exercising regularly. We have several dietary plans considered fad because of insubstantial scientific evidence such as the pineapple, lemon, grape, and apple among others.

Below are some of the unfounded concepts of this diet for you to judge if this will really help you lose those extra pounds:

1. A person can only eat raw or fresh bananas and drink temperate water for breakfast every day.
2. The rest of the meals for the day are subject to your preferences. There is no guideline provided as to what you can and cannot eat for lunch, dinner, and snacks.
3. You must not eat after 8 pm because by this time, you must be in bed already.
4. You cannot have desserts at all.
5. You do not need to exercise, only if you want.

Now you want to have more energy, be Healthier, look Younger, lose weight, and cleanse your body, right?

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